Golfclub Memmingen Gut Westerhart e.V.

Westerhart 1 B
87740 Buxheim

Only a few kilometers away from Memmingen, the 18-hole golf course Memmingen Gut Westerhart is located in the A7 / A96 motorways. The complex includes a spacious driving range, a 6 + 3-hole short course and some putting and pitching greens. It also offers a modern clubhouse with restaurant, spacious changing rooms and sanitary facilities.

The course fits harmoniously into the landscape and is - with the exception of holes 14 and 15 that have steep descents and ascents - comparatively flat and without great physical exertions.

However, if one believes that the course is easy to cope with, one is quickly proven wrong. Long holes which are, depending on the season, limited by high rough and bush and tree vegetation, as well as plenty of water and numerous bunkers, demand a lot of golf skilla and a focused game, if one wants to bring a good score into the club house. Nevertheless, the course gives golfers a fair chance of a good result.

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