Golfclub Varus

In the Schlingerort 5
49179 Ostercappeln-Venne
0049 -5476200

Dear guests,

We are looking forward to welcome you again to a round on our golf course.

In order to ensure a regular and problem-free game operation, we ask you to always enter the start list before the first tee. It is before the secretariat.
This not only allows us to get an overview of the rounds played on our pitch, but also let you know if anyone - and who - wants to play or play for you.

You start your game with the "booking" of your start date, without having to worry about "running" at the other players.
If you need help or are even looking for it, it is also much easier to find you quickly, because you can get an important insight from the tee time and the following players, where you should be.

So our big request is: Please enter one before starting!

This regulation applies to all weekdays!

If possible, first start from tee 10, please note that all players who are on the turn and change from 9th green to 10th tee have the privilege.

Many Thanks. We wish you a nice game

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