GolfPark Gudensberg

Ziegelei 1
34281 Gudensberg

The GolfParkGudensberg is located in the center of the historical Chattengaus, embedded in a wonderful, varied Basaltkuppenlandschaft. 

With a wonderful view of the Gudensberg landmark, the two-storey Schlossberg with the Obernburgruine and the Wenigenburg on one side, as well as the Edertal on the other side, the course offers the player a challenging golfing experience in a great environment.

With its 9-hole course and a total length of just under 1568 meters, the course is an ideal opportunity for a quick round in the sunrise or sunset. 
For beginners the place is an excellent solution to sniff into the golfing sport. Uncomplicated and flexible, we offer everyone the opportunity to play on the pitch - even without space.

But the savvy player also finds a course here that has its challenges. With its PAR 3 holes, the single Handycapper can get ample to do and the Par 4 lanes 4 and 5 are both optical and tactical absolute highlights.

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