Royal Golf Club Du Hainaut

Rue de la verrerie 2
7050 Erbisoeul

Inaugurated in 1933 by some passionate golfing friends, the Royal Golf Club of Hainaut was built on the grounds of the Princes of Croÿ, in the town of Jurbise, a few kilometers from Mons. The club is the middle of heather and broom, on a rather sandy soil. The design and execution were entrusted to Tom Simpson, one of the best English golf architects who has designed some of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe and those of Spa, Sart Tilman and Kapellen in Belgium. The initial golf course consisted of 9 holes, which were quickly taken to a complete 18-hole course.

Its friendly atmosphere, irreproachable hospitality and the quality of its route make it an important player in the Belgian golf landscape.

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