Furnas Golf Course

Estrada Regional do Norte
P-9675-030 Furnas, São Miquel
+351 296 584 651
The Furnas golf course is close to the beautiful Furnas Lake, one of the largest and most attractive lakes on the island, famous for its hot springs. This glorious view also takes in the stunning Cedars valley. Furnas golf course, in Azores, set amid stands of majestic Japanese cedars and with fiendishly contoured greens, is quite gentle in nature but is a genuine test of skill and finesse. Furnas Golf Course has all the playing characteristics of a Scottish course. Practically every fairway is undulating, requiring all types of shots, and the smallish plateaux greens are excellent, wickedly contoured and full of borrows. Most of the greens are slightly elevated from the fairway and the bunkers do not have sand traps as European and American golfers might know them, but instead a very rough kind of gravel with many pebbles.

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