Golfclub Gut Hahues zu Telgte

Harkampsheide 5
D-48291 Telgte, Warendorf
Relaxing in harmony with the natural landscape. Numerous biotopes and idyllic ponds on the Telgter golf course are habitats for typical native plants and animals. Situated in a generously preserved surroundings of the Münsterland, our facility offers you golfing in a charming and quiet nature.
A careful architecture has ensured the ideal integration of the plant into the formerly agricultural site - without major cuts in the landscape. Breathe through and let your eyes wander - from green to green.
Here, perfect place quality and responsible handling of nature complement each other: fairways and greens maintained in an appealing environment from the first to the last railway. This makes golf an experience for the eye. Feel the peace, strength and beauty of nature far from the streets ...

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