Golf Club Lignano

Via Casa Bianca 6
33054 Lignano

The reed-framed lakes, the numerous trees and meadows of the area mirror the many faces of Ligano. The course was arranged thus that golfers get the impression of playing in an area that has always been that way. Everywhere is quiet, order and light, everything only about three kilometres away from the beach. The course speaks of elegance, style and and the greatest care. The par-72 course designed by famous architect Marco Croze stretches over 70 hectares of perfectly attended greenery that is able to inspire the player at all levels of technicality. This outstanding course features long fairways, wide greens and vast natural sand areas. The 18 holes fit perfectly among the stretches of water and the lush vegetation of the pinewood, giving life to a varied, enthralling game. The Golf Club Lignano also hosts international competitions, among which we can remember the 1993 and 1994 Ladies Italian Open, the 2008 PGA’s Champions Trophy of Europe and the 2012 and 2015 Alps Tour Servizitalia Open.

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