Golfanlage Bad Bevensen

Dorfstrasse 22
29575 Bad Bevensen

"Golf is a way to find oneself"

This motto of Rymond Federman has been selected by the owner family Held for the golf course Bad Bevensen: the complex is located in the middle of an idyllic rural area and invites you to play golf in a familial atmosphere.

When you arrive in the village of Secklendorf, you will feel like you are on a holiday. Through the long cobbled oak alley, you will come to a half-timbered farmstead, horses are moored, and an antique shop invites you to browse. Passing these beautiful scenes, it goes on the Eichenwäldchen to the clubhouse.

A friendly welcome, maybe a short shopping in the Proshop, and you are ready to play your round of golf. 

The complex offers a sophisticated design due to targeted sand and water hazards. There are 88 bunkers, Typical Irish pot bunkers, are a challenge for any player. Half of the fairways are located in a forest area and demand a precise play through the woodcuts. The rest of the tracks run on undulating, slightly hilly terrai

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