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Avenida Justo Quesada

Campo de Golf Marquesa

La Marquesa Golf Course, was designed and founded in 1989 by D. Justo Quesada, at it was named “Club de Golf Quesada”.

Due to it’s proximity to Alicante city it quickly reached a significant number of members and at certain moments it was estimated that 80% of players from the province had hit their first balls there.

In 1994 the name was changed to “La Marquesa Golf & Country Club”, a name which got to be known all over Europe, thanks to the Real Estate development created by the Quesada family. An ambitious project of more than 15,000 homes which they named Ciudad Quesada. This is a great residential development with more than 30,000 properties aroubd the golf course.

It was precisely the international influence of Ciudad Quesada which turned La Marquesa into a cosmopolitan Golf Course.

It was incredible to see how many diferent people from so many different nationalities become members and have always created a wonderful and friendly environment.

During all these years important changes have ocurred, technical as well as design improvements, but always respecting the principle of offering a varied route, where the player can, as well as practice his/her favourite sport, have fun.