Step 1


Take Lessons with a qualified professional and become
a member of Golf4Holland

You will acquire basic skills
and get your Course Permission

Step 2


Practice and arrange the NGF
Rule Exam with an official Examiner

You will pass for the NGF Rule Exam and know
all you need about scoring and stableford

Step 3


Play 9 or 18 holes with a marker and register
score with a result of 36 or more stableford points

You will obtain your Handicap 54 and
gain access to most golf courses!


    NGF Handicap 54

  • What is NGF Handicap 54?

    The NGF has created NGF Handicap 54 as proof that a golfer has mastered sufficient skills and ability, as well as enough knowledge of the Rules and Etiquette of golf to play independently on most golf courses.

    Handicap Management

  • What is Handicap Registration?

    Handicap Registration is the process by which Golf4Holland exchanges your handicap with the NGF in order to provide you with your NGF pass and to keep your handicap with the NGF up to date.

  • What is Handicap Management?

    Handicap Management is the entire process of maintaining your handicap, such as keeping your scores in accurate and timely fashion, to make sure that your Handicap at any given time is a correct reflection of your abilities.

  • What if I am a Member elsewhere?

    Only one club may register your handicap with the NGF. The club registering your handicap is called your homecourse. You have to let both clubs know which club should be your homecourse.

  • Why do I need NGF Handicap Registration?

    Without NGF Handicap Registration you will not receive a NGF pass, proving your playing ability. Without any proof of your playing ability most courses will deny you access.