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About Golf4Holland

Golf4Holland is an official NGF golf club, founded in 2001 for the promotion and advancement of golf in the Netherlands.

Over the years, Golf4Holland has created a network of Partners throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Together we provide new golfers with convenient and affordable ways to start in golf, and existing golfers with an attractive alternative for their golf requirements.

Being an online golf club, Golf4Holland understands the need for a professional and reliable presence on the web and mobile environment. This is why Golf4Holland has invested in a dedicated IT team working on realizing these goals. Which also allows Golf4Holland to adapt quickly and effectively to changes in both the IT and golf environments.

The friendly experts of the Golf4Holland help desk provide direct and personal advice to its members on lesson plans, the NGF Rule Exam and of course Handicap Registration.

Golf4Holland will continue to strive for more and better ways, both on- and offline, to serve and ease our added value for our Members and Partners.

Kind regards

Gerard van Dam
President Golf4Holland

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