NGF Course Permission

What is NGF Course Permission?

Course Permission is the permission to play on a golf course on your own, given by the golf professional or location, and valid only for one specific golf course. It is meant only to provide you temporary access to a golf course to gain course experience on your way to achieve NGF Handicap 54.

How much lessons do I need for NGF Course Permission?

That depends on your background in sports and your natural abilities in golf. We recommend a minimum of 6 hours of lessons with a qualified golf professional.

What does NGF Course Permission cost?

There are no costs for Course Permission.

Do I need to be a member of Golf4Holland to obtain NGF Course Permission?

Yes. You have to be a member in order to get your Course Permission registered with the NGF.

How long does an NGF Course Permission stay valid?

There is no fixed term. It is up to the locations to decide on the term. Some locations give you 4 months, others 1 year.

Can I obtain the NGF Course Permission with Golf4Holland?

Of course. You can select one of our Partners and book a lesson. Then register with Golf4Holland. If you would like more information, feel free to call our friendly experts at the help desk on 0343-724990 or send them an email at

Where can Golf4Holland arrange an NGF Course Permission?

On any qualified golf location in the Netherlands.

Are there any exams or tests for an NGF Course Permission?

No. The professional decides whether you are ready

NGF Rule Exam

What is the NGF Rule Exam?

The NGF Rule Exam is a proficiency test on NGF Rules to qualify for NGF Handicap 54. The Rule Exam is an exam that consists of 30 questions, 10 about etiquette, 19 about rules and always 1 stableford calculation.

You need to answer at least 23 questions correctly to pass for this exam. The NGF Rule Exam is a one hour written test with multiple choice questions.

How can I prepare for the NGF Rule Exam?

Our Golf Professionals can introduce you to the essential golfrules during a lesson. You can also prepare the NGF Rule Exam at home with these Rules Books or DVD’s.

Can I arrange the NGF Rule Exam with Golf4Holland?

Of course. Request Rule Exam.

Do I need to be a Golf4Holland member for the NGF Rules Exam?

Yes, Golf4Holland may only arrange exams for members.

How long before I can take the Rule Exam with Golf4Holland?

It can be within 24 hours or even the same day you put in your request.

Where can I take the Rule Exam with Golf4Holland?

Anywhere in the Netherlands.

In what languages can I take the Rule Exam with Golf4Holland?

Dutch, English and German.

What does it cost to take the Rule Exam with Golf4Holland?

There are no costs for the NGF Rule Exam. You do have to be a member of Golf4Holland.

Can I also take the Rule Exam orally?

Yes, there are situations that allow you to take the Rule Exam orally. Please contact us on 0343-724990 for more info.

Most import rules on conduct while playing golf

Etiquette, or rules of conduct, are important in golf. There are several people walking on the course, the balls can hit very fast and very hard and the course needs to be well maintained. Safety is paramount on the course, but also respect for the course, the fellow players and the game are of paramount importance and of course enjoying golf. The most important rules of conduct on the course:

  • Stay two meters away from someone who is going to hit.
  • Shout 'FORE' when a ball flies towards the players.
  • Stand and be still when a player strikes, so as not to disturb someone in concentration.
  • Never stand on the green in anyone's field of vision or in another person's line of play.
  • Play on as quickly as possible so as not to disturb others
  • Put back divots, rake the bunker and repair pitchmarks (dents on the green) when you see them.
  • Adhere to the local rules that the club applies on the course (see reception and/or score card).

These are the most important rules to follow when it comes to rules of conduct. There are also golf rules that are updated each time by NGF - the Dutch Golf Federation. In order to find your way around the golf rules, NGF Regel exams are offered. You can practice these unlimited and free of charge on our site.

NGF Handicap 54

What is NGF Handicap 54?

The NGF has created NGF Handicap 54 as proof that a golfer has mastered sufficient skills and ability, as well as enough knowledge of the Rules and Etiquette of golf to play independently on most golf courses.

What do I need to do to obtain NGF Handicap 54?

You have to get your Course Permission, pass the NGF Rule Exam and register a qualifying score that meets the criteria

Handicap Management

What is Handicap Registration?

Handicap Registration is the process by which Golf4Holland exchanges your handicap with the NGF in order to provide you with your NGF pass and to keep your handicap with the NGF up to date.

What is Handicap Management?

Handicap Management is the entire process of maintaining your handicap, such as keeping your scores in accurate and timely fashion, to make sure that your Handicap at any given time is a correct reflection of your abilities.

What if I am a Member elsewhere?

Only one club may register your handicap with the NGF. The club registering your handicap is called your homeclub. You have to let both clubs know which club should be your homeclub.

Why do I need NGF Handicap Registration?

Without NGF Handicap Registration you will not receive an NGF pass, proving your playing ability. Without any proof of your playing ability, most courses will deny you access.

Will I receive a physical NGF Pass?

You will receive a digital NGF Pass on registration. This pass will be available on your personal pages after login, and on the Golf4Holland App. It will also be available on the NGF Systems.


How do I register my scorecards?

You can register your scorecards online or on your mobile, but you must keep them for a minimum period of 12 months.
You may also send your scorecards to Golf4Holland for registration by regular post or scanned by email. You must do this within 14 days after the date on the scorecard.

What information do I need to enter?

Just your hole-by-hole score.

Is the course information of Golf4Holland up to date?

Yes, it is updated with the latest NGF golf course information.

Can I enter courses that are not in the database?

No. But you can send the scorecard (including course and slope ratings!) to and the course will be available in our systems within 24 hours.

When are scorecards outside the Netherlands qualifying?

Scorecards in most countries or scorecards played in official qualifying tournaments are qualifying.

Can I register a Non Qualifying scorecard?

Yes, the scorecard will have no effect on your handicap. It will affect your statistics.

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