Greenfee Savings Koffie en appelgebak gratis at Golfplezier Twente

Greenfee Savings are reserved for Golf4Holland members.
Members save more then the cost of membership (€ 59 per year) with vouchers.
You will be able to create a voucher and save € 6 as soon as we have received your payment for the membership.
You save: € 6
Koffie en appelgebak gratis
U ontvangt een Kop Koffie met Appelgebak bij een dagkaart - Niet geldig i.c.m. andere GreenFree 2for1 aanbieding. / Receive free coffee and apple pie by daily greenfee ticket. Not valid in combination with other greenfree 2for1 offer.
Per person per year: 2
every day of the week until December 31, 2023

Please Note

Only the location knows if you can play at your requested date and time.
So please always contact the location where you want to play, before you create a voucher.
We recommend that you discuss the following checklist with the location:
  • Whether you can play on the course at your requested date and time.
  • Make sure you mention you wish to use a GreenFree voucher.
  • Check if there is a maximum total handicap for a flight, to make sure that is no problem for you.
  • Check if there are any other conditions or costs that may be relevant to your reservation.
  • Make sure the email address in the Golf4Holland system is correct, for a correct delivery of your greenfee!
  • Click on "Create you greenfee" and receive the voucher in your email.
  • Bring the greenfee to your selected location.

Golfplezier Twente

Bekkenhaarsweg 28 28
7645 AJ Hoge Hexel
More information about
Golfplezier Twente

Other Savings at Golfplezier Twente

You save: € 16
Play 2for1 - not valid in combination with other greenfree coffee apple pie offer / Speel 2for1 - Niet geldig i.c.m. andere greenfree koffie-appelgebak korting.
Per person per year: 2
every day of the week until December 31, 2023
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