MyGolf is a handicap management tool exclusively for Golf4Holland members, updated with the latest NGF golf data. It is available on both the web and mobile environment.

System Features

  • Scoring & Stats

    The MYGOLF system is constantly updated with the latest course information as provided by the NGF. This information is automatically provided when you prepare to enter a score. As an option you can also enter your putts, based on which the system could provide you with more statistics.

  • Handicap Adjustment

    Based on the calculated result your handicap will be automatically adjusted. The score will be saved with your handicap history which you can always review.

  • NGF Exchange

    Golf courses and Event organizers often verify handicaps of guests with the NGF. MyGolf exchanges your handicap data with the NGF on a daily basis to make sure your handicap with the NGF is always up to date.

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