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Golf4Holland has a growing group of partners for whom they provide NGF registration, NGF rule exams and state-of-the-art golf systems. The partners offer all members of Golf4Holland great savings on green fees, golf lessons, golf trips, fun national and international golf competitions and events and much more.

Golf4Holland takes care of the NGF registration of the members of the partners, including invoicing. Partners have complete insight into their membership base at any time. Depending on the size - and development - of the membership base, there may be a one-off or annual fee from Golf4Holland to these partners. Ideal for many parties to accommodate their own club in this way; all the pros and no cons!

Are you also interested in becoming a partner of Golf4Holland? Please contact us on 0343-724990 or via

Partners of Golf4Holland

Galecop Golf

The fun, challenging 18-hole PAR4-PAR3 golf course, the 250-meter driving range and the practice greens offer you every opportunity to play, learn and practice golf. Galecop Golf is the golf accommodation for experienced, novice and recreational golfers. You will find the golf course in Nieuwegein Noord, nearby and centrally located, right next to the A12. Golf4Holland has been providing the NGF handicap registration for Galecop members for over 7 years.

Click here for the website of Galecop Golf


GreenFree has amazing savings for its members at more than 160 locations throughout Europe. And not only for its members, but also for all members of Golf4Holland. Golf4Holland has been providing the NGF handicap registration for GreenFree members for more than 5 years

Click here for the website of GreenFree


GOLFREIZEN.NU has placed NGF handicap registration of the members of its golf club,, with Golf4Holland. GOLFREIZEN.NU is the specialist for your tailor-made golf trip.

GOLFREIZEN.NU offers golf holidays all over the world, from a weekend of golf in the Netherlands to a 30-day golf tour in South Africa! With all golf trips, you as a customer come first. GOLFREIZEN.NU is happy to arrange your golf trip with a personal approach and attention to your wishes, so that you can enjoy a carefree holiday.

Click here for the website of GOLFREIZEN.NU

Holland Golf Events

From 2007, Holland Golf Events organized the Amsterdam Golf Show. In 2023 it has been renamed the Holland Golf Show.

In 2012, Holland Golf Events also started organizing competitions/tournaments, some for clients and others entirely on its own initiative. You will find the overview in the competition calendar of Golf4Holland. Golf4Holland takes care of the NGF Handicap registration of members of Holland Golf Events.

Click here for the website of Holland Golf Events

Budgetgolf started in 2005 with the collection of discount promotions and packages in the field of golf. For the golfer this has the advantage that he/she does not have to go through all kinds of sites to find golf offers. For golf providers offers a free extra shop window. In this way they offer golfers and providers a platform to find each other.

And of course they also organize the famous budgetgolf tour, a series of 6 matches followed by a final. You will of course also find the competitions of budget golf on the Golf4Holland competition calendar.

Golf4Holland provides the NGF Handicap Registration for the members of

Click here for the website of was set up for and by golfers. News and opinions from regular golfers and experts.

Great concepts for golfers such as the LinkedGolf Ladder competition and the Tiger Rabbit competition. This Ladder competition is a match play competition.

The Tiger Rabbit competition is about Tigers (experienced golfers) playing with the Rabbits (beginners) and thus transferring their knowledge about the do's and don'ts in and around the golf course.

In both cases, fun is of course paramount. Golf4Holland also provides the NGF Handicap Registration for members of LinkedGolf

Click here for the website of

This site is a household name in the Dutch Golf world. Many budding golf enthusiasts will find all the information about golf, starting golf and much more in a very pleasant way. Golf4Holland members receive a 10% discount on all items in the golf shop! Golf4Holland has been providing the member administration for starting for over 7 years

Click here for the website of

Golf Fun Factor

A unique course in the Netherlands. For both beginners and advanced users. This is not a quick course but a good one. The course is also not aimed at achieving Handicap 54 (formerly GVB or Golf Proficiency Certificate) - although you will achieve that without any problems on this course.

This course is to ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of golf and continue to enjoy it. And that is different for everyone. But it's the fun that keeps you golfing. That pleasure is based first of all on a good foundation. A good foundation gives confidence and security. And that in turn is the basis for sustainable pleasure.

Click here for the website of

Golfers on Facebook

With almost 9000 members one of the largest Facebook golf groups in the Netherlands. Here you can exchange experiences, ask questions to fellow golfers and experts, make appointments to go golfing and much more. Very limited promotion is possible, but only in consultation with the admins of the group.

Click here for Golfers on Facebook

Golf Professionals (Golf Teachers)

Golf4Holland has partners in the Netherlands and in Europe that will gladly provide you with golflessons and golfclasses to improve your experience with this great game.

If you would like to know more about the options Golf4Holland has to offer you, please send us an email on or just call us direct on +31-343724990

Leo van Bennekom

The man behind . A concept that focuses on having sustainable fun in golf. Just like Leo has always done with his students throughout his professional career.

More information can be found on and on

Leo teaches at Catharinenburg (Roxenisse) and his students come from the greater Rotterdam area.

Brian Schutz

“You learn to play golf on the course” is what Brian believes in. Brian has played on the EPD Tour for 9 years. The experience and sporty background are a big bonus for those who take lessons with him. His natural Amsterdam charm brings a lot of fun to his pupils’ game. Brian teaches in the greater The Hague area.

Jos den Hartog

Since his start as a golf teacher, Jos has specialized in the short game, the mental aspects of golf and putting the fun into the game. Jos teaches in the greater Utrecht area

  • Email:
  • Phone: +31 6 55 46 13 42
  • Languages: Dutch, English, German, Portuguese
Jan Hansen

As a golf professional, he believes that the perfect swing does not exist and that this means that there are more opportunities to improve your own game. His explanation and guidance of the golf technique makes the game accessible to everyone.

Even when swing and enthusiasm are lost for a while, he knows how to bring this back to the fun game it used to be for you.

Jan teaches in the greater Leiden area.

Bart van der Wind

Bart van der Wind, PGA A pro and club fitter, familiar with the NGF step plan, putt, and clinic specialist. Playing golf is not only learned on a driving range, but especially on the course. His goal is a simple golf game for everyone and therefore a lot of fun while playing on the course.

Roel Gritter

Roel has been a PGA professional since 1980, so called the 'old school'. Born and raised next to the Gelpenberg golf club, where he already owned a single hcp at the age of 6. Coaching and playing this beautiful sport with great passion for 35 years. Roel Gritter is based at Pestana Golf Academy in Carvoeiro in Portugal (Algarve) but can also offer golf clinics or golf lessons at other locations if desired.

Leendert de Goeij

An inspirational teacher for many. One of the reasons he has helped so many get into the game successfully. Leendert teaches in the greater Leiden area

Mike Ross

With 30 years of experience as a Head pro, of which 20 years in the Netherlands, he has experience teaching at all levels, both the “nervous” beginner and European Tour players. Both English and Dutch PGA AA professional. He teaches in Portugal, in the Algarve.

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