Golflocations, Golfcourses and Greenfee Savings

Golf courses available in the Golf4Holland systems

In due course, all golf courses worldwide will be available here. Including all the information necessary to register your golf scores and calculate your results.

Which provides members of Golf4Holland with the great advantage that they do not have to enter locations themselves or calculate their results themselves, no matter which course they play.

And they have a hole-by-hole registration of all their scorecards in our systems, wherever they were played.

Members will also be able to use the contact information we have to contact golf courses for any information they might require.

On more than 160 golf locations you will also find discounts up to 50% on greenfees! These discounts are only available for our members and their guests.


Missing/Incorrect Golf Locations/Courses – and what you can do to help

If a golf location and/or course is missing or the information is not correct, we will add or correct the golf course within 48 hours. Because not all information is always available on-line, your help can speed up this process. 

What we would love to receive from you is a copy of all scorecards and courses at the location. And the slope and course ratings of all tees of every course.

The reception of most golfcourses will be able to help you with this. And then please email this information to us at


What we really appreciate

We love to receive landscape photos that you have made yourself of the course you have played, so we can show them to your fellow members! With this information you would help your fellow members get a better idea of the golflocation/golfcourse

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