Golf4Holland Memberships

The Benefits

1. Up to 50% Discount on Green Fees

Golfing can be an expensive hobby, but not with the Golf4Holland Membership. As a member you get access to exclusive discounts of up to 50% on green fees at more than 160 golf courses in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. This means that you can not only enjoy the best golf courses, but also save money while you do so.

2. Convenience with Golf4Holland Systems and Apps

Thanks to the advanced Golf4Holland Systems and Apps, playing golf is easier than ever. Whether you play in the Netherlands or abroad, you no longer have to manually enter locations or calculate results. Just enter your score and let our systems do the rest. This means more time to play golf and less hassle with administration.

3. Golf4Holland Game System

With the Golf4Holland Game System you can take every round of golf to a higher level. Whether you are an experienced golfer or just starting out, this system offers challenge and fun for everyone. It's a great way to improve your golf skills and enjoy a competitive and fun experience on the golf course.

4. Includes Official NGF Handicap Registration

An official handicap is essential for serious golfers. As a Golf4Holland Member you will receive an official NGF handicap registration, which makes your game even more competitive and allows you to participate in official tournaments and events.


Who is the Golf4Holland Membership for?

The Golf4Holland Membership is perfect for a wide range of people:

Business Professionals: For busy business professionals, golf offers a great escape from the daily grind. It is also an excellent way to network and build relationships.

Health-Conscious Individuals: For people who value health, golf is an ideal sport. It keeps you active and fit while enjoying the outdoors and nature.

Sports enthusiasts: If you enjoy other sports such as hockey, tennis, or squash, you will also love golf. It is a sport that requires concentration, technique and precision, just like your other favorite activities.


Golf: More than a Game

Golf is not just a sport; it's a lifestyle. A Swedish study has shown that golfers have a 40% lower mortality rate compared to non-golfers, potentially adding 5 additional years of life, regardless of your age. So it is not only fun, but also healthy!

Another reason why many business people enjoy golf is because it is a relaxing and fun way to network with colleagues and employees. Spending a day in the fresh air and sharing a challenging round of golf is a great way to get to know people better and build relationships.


Why Choose Golf4Holland Membership?

There are many golf clubs and memberships available, but no membership offers what the Golf4Holland Membership has to offer. With exclusive discounts on green fees, advanced systems and apps, an exciting gaming system and an official NGF handicap registration, the Golf4Holland Membership is the ultimate choice for serious golfers.


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